Public Works for Public Learning: The Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition Project

Publication: Report – October 2014

Project: Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition project

Authors: Michelle Phillips (Inverness Research), David Heil (David Heil Associates), Robert Reitherman (CUREE)

Type: Report

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While some public works are monumental civil engineering structures like the Eiffel Tower or the Sydney Harbour Bridge, most are commonplace, even invisible, and they are taken for granted. The reason for existence of public works is to provide basic services, but both large and small infrastructure facilities also present opportunities to engage the public in understanding fundamental concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). We review here lessons learned in the National Science Foundation-funded Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition project. Using the title of the conference held as part of the project in San Francisco in June, 2012, Public Works for Public Learning, we explore first the opportunities for this type of STEM learning and then the challenges that can arise with such efforts.

Other resources

Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition project website: www.goldengate.org
Co-published: This same report is also published on InformalScience.org website: Click here to view.

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Science Education Media Producers, Museum Educators, Science Educators and Administrators, Reform Leaders and Funders, and general public.


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