Project: Nationwide System of Educational Information and Assistance, OERI Research Institutes and Centers, US Department of Education

Authors: Mark St. John

Type: Report

Publication: November 1998

Measuring the Interim Performance of the Regional Educational Laboratory in the Educational Research Development and Dissemination Infrastructure — What Are the Benchmarks and Indicators of Success? (pdf, 30 pages)


This paper is intended to provide a framework for developing evaluation criteria and indicators which can be used in the mandated evaluation of the Regional Educational Laboratories. This paper reports on the content and measurement of the Laboratory’s contributions to the educational research, development, and dissemination infrastructure, focusing on the Laboratory Networking Program, the Nationwide System of Educational Information and Assistance, Specialty Area Development and Collaboration with OERI’s Research Institutes and Centers. The purpose of the paper is to assist the evaluation contractor to develop measures for peer reviewers to use in their assessment of each Laboratory’s performance.

Intended Audience

Laboratory Networking Program, STEM Educators, Teachers, Reform Leaders, and general public


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