Project: California History-Social Science Project (CHSSP)

Authors: Mark St. John, Katherine Ramage, Laura Stokes

With assistance of: Noelle Caskey, Judy Hirabayashi, Nina Houghton, Dawn Huntwork

Type: Report

Publication: December 1998

A Vision for the Teaching of History-Social Science: Lessons from the California History-Social Science Project (pdf, 67 pages)


How should history be taught? That simple question is the subject of this monograph. This seemingly straightforward question has in fact given rise to a national debate involving educators and non-educators alike. As part of a federally funded special project, the California History-Social Science Project (CHSSP) asked Inverness Research Associates to document and study their work. When we began that study, it became apparent to us that a monograph such as this would be more useful, and would reflect the Project more accurately, than a standard evaluation report. In this monograph we present in distilled form the ideas and work of history and social science educators who have been at the leading edge of reform in the past decade and more. In effect their answers to these questions contribute to the building of a shared vision for a new way to teach history.

Intended Audience

History Educators, Leaders of Reform, and general public.


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