Project: Center for Urban Science Education Reform (CUSER)

Authors: Mark St. John

Type: Report

Publication: October 1999

A Framework for Assessing the Growth of the Capacity of a School District for Implementing Elementary Science Education Reform (pdf, 47 pages)


This framework was developed for the Center for Urban Science Education Reform (CUSER). This framework is intended to provide a set of questions that will review the degree to which and the ways in which a school district is developing the capacities and policies that are necessary to develop and sustain a standards-based elementary science education program. The Framework also:

  • Can be used to assess capacity in areas others than elementary science.
  • Details the conditions that most influence the probability that a elementary science reform effort will succeed.
  • Can be used by outside evaluators to monitor the degree to which a district is making progress toward a standards-based program, or it can also be used by the district itself, as a self-assessment tool and, perhaps more importantly, as a means to promote a dialogue within the district about the status of its current efforts to improve the elementary science program.
  • Can also be used to provide a longitudinal view of how the district’s capacities for reform are changing over time.

Intended Audience

Evaluators, Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM) Education Leaders, District Administration, Funders, and general public.


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