Project: Seattle Partnership for Inquiry-Based Science (an LSC project)

Authors: Mark St. John, Kasi Allen Fuller, Pamela Tambe

Type: Report

Publication: May 2002

Seattle Partnership For Inquiry-Based Science: A Local Systemic Change Initiative – End-Of-Project Report (pdf, 15 pages)


The Seattle Partnership for Inquiry-Based Science is a district-based Local Systemic Change (LSC) project, funded six years ago by the National Science Foundation with the specific aim of implementing a high quality science program in all elementary classrooms in the Seattle Public Schools. As the five-year grant reaches its endpoint, Inverness Research Associates is in the midst of concluding its work with the Seattle Partnership for Inquiry-Based Science. Therefore, in response to a specific request from the project, we have drafted this summary report. This report aims to document the present state of the project, focusing in particular on what has been accomplished during the grant’s timeframe. The report is organized around a collection of “cornerstone claims” and supporting evidence – a set of findings that we believe together make the case for the benefits yielded to date by the work of the LSC project.

Intended Audience

Science Educators, Professional Developers for Science, School and District Administrators, Reform Leaders, and general public.


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