Projects: Washington Initiative (WI), Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession (CSTP), National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)

Authors: Laura Stokes, Jenifer Helms, Dianne Maxon

With assistance from Mark St. John, Kathleen Dickey, Judy Hirabayashi, Allison Murray, Laurie Senauke

Type: Report & Slide presentation

Publication: September 2003

The Washington Initiative-Evaluation Year 2 (2002-03): A Study Of Leadership (A set of reports for CSTP)

Description Of The Study and Summary Findings And Implications (pdf, 11 pages)

Results Of A Leadership Survey Of National Board Certified Teachers In Washington, Spring 2003 (pdf, 45 pages)

Third Annual Conference Of The WI Leadership Network, May 2003–Summary Findings From Focus Groups Of NBCTS (pdf, 13 pages)

Cases Of WI-Supported Leadership By NBCTS (pdf, 36 pages)

Slide presentation: Results Of A Leadership Survey Of NBCTS In Washington (pdf, 46 pages)


Our evaluation study of the Washington Initiative (WI) focuses on a sequence of question areas over three years that reflect the program’s development and multiple goals:

  • Focus for Year 2 (2002-03): the leadership and change agent work of NBCTs, and the WI’s strategies for promoting teacher leadership. We are maintaining a minor focus on the quality of candidate support, and are also conducting a small-scale pilot study of school administrators’ perceptions.

We have focused primarily on the leadership of NBCTs. Our study addressed the following broad questions:

  • What leadership roles do NBCTs play, and in what arenas in the education system?
  • What is the role of the WI in promoting and supporting the leadership of NBCTs? To what extent is the Washington Initiative (WI) adding value to NBCTs’ leadership—both in the opportunities NBCTs receive, and in the nature and quality of the leadership NBCTs provide?
  • What supportive and challenging conditions affect the leadership of NBCTs?
  • What are the benefits—immediate and potential—of the leadership of NBCTs?

Intended Audience

Teachers, School and District Administrators, Funders, and general public.


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