Project: National Writing Project

Authors: Mark St. John, Laura Stokes

Type: Slide presentation

Publication: November 2004

The Legacies Of The NWP – 30 years of Developing Working Assets For Ongoing Improvement (pdf, 19 pages)


This is a talk that Mark St. John gave at the National Writing Project Annual Meeting in Indianapolis on November 19, 2004. In this talk he identifies four legacies resulting from the NWP’s 30-year history: the scope and scale of the NWP’s ongoing activities, its people and communities, its national infrastructure of sites and network supports, and different types of knowledge relevant to improving the teaching of writing. Dr. St. John also explains the funder’s challenge—how to invest scarce funds in improvement of a massive decentralized system. He explains how the NWP is a good example of an “improvement infrastructure” and “improvement community.” The NWP has the capacities needed to help funders translate their investments efficiently into productive improvement efforts.

Intended Audience

The National Writing Project, Federal and state policy makers, Funders, Educators, Teachers, and general public.


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