Project: National Writing Project

Authors: Mark St. John, Laura Stokes

Type: Slide presentation

Publication: April 2006

An Evaluator’s Perspective on Federal Support of the National Writing Project (pdf, 36 pages)


This is a presentation that Inverness Research Associates prepared for the National Writing Project’s April 2006 Spring Meeting in Washington D.C. Inverness Research Associates is an independent evaluation firm that has studied the NWP for 12 years.

The presentation explains, from an evaluator’s perspective, why and how the National Writing Project represents an important federal investment in improvement of the nation’s education system.

The presentation makes three points:

  • Writing is a basic skill that is vital to the success of US students and US competitiveness. Student writing needs to improve. Includes results from recent NAEP assessments.
  • The NWP knows how to help teachers improve student writing. Includes highlights from evaluation studies of NWP effectiveness, including links to practices correlated with NAEP Writing and Reading Assessments.
  • The NWP has the capacity to provide continuing high-quality professional development to teachers across the nation. Includes data on the scale, equitable access, local impact, and cost-efficiency of NWP programs.

Intended Audience

The National Writing Project, Federal and state policy makers, Funders, Educators, Teachers, and general public.


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