Project: American Museum of Natural Science (AMNH), Innovative Technology Experiences for Students and Teachers (ITEST)

Authors: Becky Carroll

With assistance of: Anita Smith, Barbara Heenan, Heather Mitchell, Mark St. John

Type: Report

Publication: January 2008

Ten Years of Youth Programs at the American Museum of Natural History: An Independent Perspective and Lessons Learned (pdf, 20 pages)


This report includes:

  • A discussion of the theory of action and the rationale that underlies the AMNH youth programs
  • A description of three of the programs that have been offered and the evolution in program design that has taken place over the years
  • A description of the core common features of the programs
  • A discussion of the benefits of the programs to youth participants
  • An examination of the fundamental challenges that emerge from creating and offering programs for urban high school students in a science-rich institution
  • A discussion of key design features contributing to a successful museum-based youth program

We believe this report will be of interest to funders seeking to support similar youth programs, to science-rich institutions hoping to design and implement such programs, and to a broader audience of people who are interested in finding ways to support the development of minority youth. We also hope that the report will be useful to the American Museum of Natural History itself, as a record of its past accomplishments as well as a guide to future youth programming efforts.

Intended Audience

American Museum of Natural History, Museums and Informal Science Education Institutions, Directors of Youth Programs, Science and Mathematics Educators, Funders, and general public.


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