Client: Talk at 2008 Meeting of Informal Science Education Association (ISEA), TexNET

Authors: Mark St. John

Type: Slide presentation

Publication: February 2008

Getting Better At Getting Better: The Role Of Networks (pdf, 39 pages)


A slide presentation for a talk given at the 2008 meeting of the Informal Science Education Association (ISEA) (Texas) annual conference that explores the following questions:

  • Is ISEA about informal science education?
  • Or about getting better at informal science education?
  • Or about getting better at getting better at science education?

Inverness Research Associates has served as the external evaluator to NISE, TexNET, COMPASS and other networks in both the formal and informal field.

Intended Audience

Science Educators, Museum Educators, Professional Development Providers, Teachers, and general public.


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