Project: National Writing Project

Authors: Mark St. John, Laura Stokes

Type: Slide presentation

Publication: November 2008

A Bridge to Somewhere – Investing in the NWP: The Creation of Educational Capital (pdf, 29 pages)


This document comprises the slide presentation and extensive notes on a talk Mark St. John of Inverness Research delivered at the General Session of the Annual Meeting of the National Writing Project, held in San Antonio, TX, November 20-22, 2008. Inverness Research has been studying the NWP for over a decade, and works to clarify and articulate the value of the contribution that the NWP makes to the nation’s educational system. The talk’s central assertion is that NWP is best understood as a sound financial investment in the nation’s future, as opposed to an educational “bailout.” The presentation defines investment as not simply an expenditure on a project. Instead, investment involves spending money in ways that create educational capital, that is, assets that can be used in the future production of goods and services. The talk discusses six forms of educational capital that are generated by the NWP for the continual improvement of writing in the nation’s schools: human capital, knowledge capital, social capital, cultural capital, institutional capital, and political/financial capital.

Intended Audience

The National Writing Project, Federal and state policy makers, Funders, Educators, Teachers, and general public.


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