Project: Mathematics Assessment Resource Services (MARS)

Authors: Mark St. John, Mary Regan, Pamela Tambe, Barbara Heenan

Type: Report

Publication: November 2009 (September 2007)

The MARS Toolkit: Lessons Learned from an Experiment to Develop Tools to Support Change Agents (pdf, 26 pages)


The purpose of the following report is two-fold. First, it is intended to describe the work and progress of the “MARS Toolkit for Change” project. Toward that end the report provides documentation and portrayal of the project from an outside perspective. The second and primary purpose of the report is to illuminate the lessons learned about the overall concept and design of tools intended to augment the work of members of the mathematics education improvement community.

This report was produced September 2007 and was published in November 2009.

Intended Audience

Mathematics Curriculum Developers, Mathematics Educators, Science-Technology-Engineering-Math (STEM) Education Leaders, and general public.


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