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The Principals Of Educational Reform: Supporting Mathematics And Science Teaching In Your School — A Handbook For Elementary And Middle School Principals


Mark St. John, Becky Carroll, Jeanne Century, Costanza Eggers-Pierola, Nina Houghton, Sybillyn Jennings, Felisa Tibbitts, Inverness Research Inc.


This monograph is written explicitly for school principals and is meant to help the principal orchestrate a process of school-wide improvement in the teaching of mathematics, science and technology (MST). The ideas presented in this monograph are drawn from the experience of nearly a dozen school principals who are located in the large cities of New York State and who played a central role in the New York State Systemic Initiative. The monograph also draws upon the lessons learned from the principals who have been part of the many other NSF projects that we have had the privilege to study. Based on the proposition that all elementary and middle school science students deserve a steady rich daily diet of high quality MST instruction, the monograph seeks to guide principals in conceptualizing, and then implementing, a multi-year process in which the school slowly but steadily improves the quantity and quality of the MST instruction it offers its students.


New York State Education Department

Intended Audience

Math, Science and Technology Reform Leaders and Foundations, and general public.

Funded by

This report was prepared with support from the National Science Foundation under grant number OSR-9350033.


This document does not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. Any and all errors are claimed by the authors of this document, Inverness Research.

Date published

April 1999

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Inverness Research Inc. grants permission to print and distribute copies.

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