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Bringing National Board Standards to the Preparation and Certification of Teachers: Portraits of Four Universities Participating in the Washington Initiative


Laura Stokes, Jenifer Helms. With assistance from Mark St. John, Dianne Maxon, Dawn Huntwork, Inverness Research Inc.


A primary goal of the Washington Initiative has been to increase the numbers of National Board certified teachers in Washington by offering candidates scholarships and systematic group support. Responsibility for providing candidate support was given in 2001-02 to the University of Washington and Washington State University, and in 2002-03 to Pacific Lutheran University and Eastern Washington State University. Individual Education faculty members co-facilitated support groups alongside NB certified teachers. Designers of the Washington Initiative hoped that universities’ participation would contribute positively to candidates’ experience, and would also provide a mechanism by which faculty members—and by extension their colleagues—could gain deeper understanding of NBPTS practices and standards.

Inverness Research Associates conducted a study in 2003-04 for the purpose of documenting the perspectives of participating faculty members on their experiences with WI candidate support groups and on the ways in which NBPTS standards and practices are making a contribution to Education program development on their campuses.

The full report includes two sections:

  • Section One summarizes findings across the four universities and reflects on prospects for sustaining the work.
  • Section Two includes individual portraits of how the WI work and contributions unfolded at each university.

Intended Audience

Teachers, School and District Administrators, Education Departments, Reform Leaders, and general public.


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Date published

July 2004

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