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The Gilbert Elementary Science Program: Science for Writing and Writing for Science


Katherine Ramage, Gerald Accurso, Heather Mitchell, Becky Carroll, and Mark St. John, Inverness Research Inc.


Gilbert Public Schools elementary science program integrated writing into their hands-on kit-based science program by supporting teachers to learn to use science notebooks with each science unit they teach. These notebooks provide the opportunity for students to practice expository prose within the context of science learning.

In 2004, Inverness Research Associates conducted a small scale, preliminary study of teachers’ use of non-fiction writing to support science learning. The study found that writing in science enhances the quality of Gilbert’s science curriculum and its language arts curriculum. This type of writing both enhances science content learning and fills a gap in the traditional elementary language arts curriculum by offering students practice in non-fiction writing. It also provides more opportunities for diverse learners to show their learning than exist in a typical science curriculum.

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Funded by

NSF Grant Number ESI9819467

Intended Audience

Science Educators, Professional Developers for Science, School and District Administrators, Reform Leaders, and general public.


Any and all errors are claimed by the authors of this document, Inverness Research Associates

Date published

November 2006

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Inverness Research Inc. grants permission to print and distribute copies.

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The Gilbert Elementary Science Program: Science for Writing and Writing for Science (pp. 9)



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