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The Case for Long-Term Investment in Strengthening the Teaching Profession:
An Assessment of the Contributions of CSTP at Age Five


Laura Stokes, Mark St. John, Jenifer Helms and Inverness Research Inc.


Inverness Research has served as the external evaluation group for CSTP since its inception in 2003. This paper offers a reflective assessment of CSTP at age five. The paper presents a four-part evidence- and logic-based case for CSTP as an effective investment in strengthening the profession:

Part I explains what strengthening the profession involves, and asserts that CSTP adds an important missing link in the education reform landscape of Washington.

Part II shows that, through its work on key issues, CSTP generates multiple forms of "educational capital" that can be used for improvement-human capital, social capital, knowledge capital, functional capital, political capital.

Part III asserts that in its five years of existence, CSTP has demonstrated that it can produce "returns on investment." Actors in multiple sectors of Washington's education landscape are using educational capital generated by CSTP to strengthen policy-making, the education system, and professional practice. Further, CSTP is called upon to serve as a leader nationally.

Part IV explains that, as a Center with specific attributes, CSTP is structured effectively as an investment in improvement and that it is designed to build its internal capacity over time. Thus, CSTP is strongly positioned to put future investments to work for Washington's teaching profession.

Intended Audience

School and District Administrators, Reform Leaders, Teachers and general public.


Any and all errors are claimed by the authors of this document, Inverness Research.

Date published

October 2008

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