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A Successful Approach to Improving High School Mathematics Education: COME ON
(California's Outstanding Math Educators' Ongoing Network)


Mark St. John, Barbara Heenan, Pamela Tambe, Inverness Research Inc.


Inverness Research has served as the external evaluators for the COME ON project since 2002. Our evaluation focused on documenting the nature and extent of the impact of the project's work with teachers, understanding the mechanisms that enabled the work to occur effectively, and in the later years, studying the project function and design from a particular perspective--as a curriculum-centric professional learning network for high school mathematics teachers. Over the years we have gathered data through a variety of methods including: observing professional development offerings; interviewing MIST teachers and pre-service teachers; conducting focus groups with MOST members and veteran IMP teachers; administering surveys to both MIST and MOST teachers; and, finally, participating in project planning and leadership meetings. This data has been compiled and analyzed, and the results of our findings presented to project leaders through conversations and written evaluation reports.

Now the data we have gleaned from studying the COME ON effort provides the foundation of this report, grounding the ideas we present here in concrete evidence. We also situate our perspectives on COME ON within a broader context, namely our experience studying K-12 education improvement efforts for over three decades. Our wide-angle lens allows us to view the COME ON initiative as something more than what was originally intended. Held up against a larger landscape of educational improvement efforts, we expand beyond the intended results of the project to what we believe are its broadened, more provocative implications.

Intended Audience

Math and Science Reform Leaders, Foundations, and general public.


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Date published

October 2009

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