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Poised for a Leap in Evolution: Understanding the Power of the NWP An Evaluator's Perspective

(Slide presentation and script)


This is the script for the slide presentation of the same title, presented by Laura Stokes at the NWP Annual Meeting 2011 in Chicago. Laura Stokes and Mark St. John of Inverness Research developed the presentation, with assistance on data analysis provided by researchers from Inverness Research and the NWP.


This is a slide presentation prepared for the 2011 Annual Meeting of the National Writing Project, held in Chicago on November 17. This one-day meeting focused on developing strategies for the future following the loss of federal funding. The presentation begins with an overview of data showing the NWP's cumulative leadership development and work accomplished over more than 35 years. The presentation then focuses on why the NWP is so strong and well-positioned for its next evolutionary leap: it is a true networked organization. Networks have unique characteristics that make them highly effective. The presentation concludes with an analysis of the multiple forms of "capital" the NWP has accrued and is now able to draw upon as it defines its future, and with a summary statement that future investment should focus on stewardship and development of the network—the sites, the central offices, and the links among them all.

Intended Audience

The National Writing Project, Federal, State, and Local Policy Makers, Funders, Educators, Teachers, Reform Leaders, and general public.


Any and all errors are claimed by the authors of this document, Inverness Research.

Date published

November 2011

Distribution Policy

Inverness Research gives members of the NWP permission to share this presentation or parts of it.

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