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Inverness Research's Independent Evaluation of the American Museum of Natural History's Seminars on Science

Inverness Research studied the AMNH Seminars on Science program in depth for eight years, from its inception in 1998 to 2006. Since then Inverness has continued to evaluate newly developed courses. Below are links to a series of evaluation reports for these courses.

Summary report. This report discusses the unique qualities of SoS courses and evaluates the ways in which and extent to which the courses contribute to the strengthening of science teaching. It contains analysis of the course design and rigor; survey results from teachers taking the courses; and the assessments of teachers, school and district administrators, and independent experts in science education about the nature and value of the courses.

Summary of Findings from an Independent Evaluation of the AMNH Seminars on Science

Course-specific reports. These short reports contain results of teacher surveys for the particular course, as well as profiles of teachers who took the course. The profiles illustrate what teachers gained from the courses and how the courses have enhanced their teaching.

Independent Evaluation of The Diversity of Fishes
Independent Evaluation of Earth: Inside and Out
Independent Evaluation of Evolution
Independent Evaluation of Genetics, Genomics and Genethics
Independent Evaluation of In the Field with Spiders
Independent Evaluation of The Link between Dinosaurs and Birds
Independent Evaluation of The Ocean System
Independent Evaluation of Sharks and Rays
Independent Evaluation of Space, Time and Motion
Independent Evaluation of The Solar System
Independent Evaluation of Water
Independent Evaluation of Climate Change
Independent Evaluation of The Brain: Structure, Function, & Evolution - New!



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