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TEAMS Collaborative: Lessons Learned

2008 Project: Traveling Exhibits at Museums of Science (TEAMS) Collaborative Authors: Mark St. John, Becky Carroll, Jenifer Helms, Dawn Robles, Lynn Stelmah Type: Report Publication: December 2008 TEAMS III: The TEAMS Collaborative TEAMS III: Lessons Learned from the Long-Term Investment in the TEAMS […]

Maya Skies External Evaluation Report

2010 Client: Tales of the Maya Skies project, Chabot Space & Science Center in Oakland, California Authors: Michelle Phillips, Katherine Ramage, Dawn Robles, Mark St. John Type: Report Publication: June 2010 Maya Skies External Evaluation Report (pdf, 64 pages) Abstract In 2007, […]

Listening to the River

2010 Client: Listening to the River (LTTR) Authors: Dawn Robles, Heather Mitchell, Elizabeth Horsch, Mark St. John With assistance of: Laura Stokes Type: Report Publication: June 2010 Listening to the River – Final Evaluation Report (pdf, 39 pages) Abstract Listening to the […]

DragonflyTV: Investigating the Nanoworld

2009 Project: DragonflyTV series, Twin Cities Public Television (TPT) in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota Authors: Dawn Robles, Jenifer V. Helms, Michelle Phillips Type: Report Publication: April 2009 DragonflyTV: Investigating the Nanoworld – Summative Evaluation Report (pdf, 28 pages) Abstract In recent years academic, engineering, business, […]

TEAMS: Criteria for Rich and At-Risk Exhibits

2008 Client: TEAMS Authors: Dawn Robles, Mark St. John Type: Slide presentation Publication: April 2008 (October 2004) TEAMS: Criteria for Rich and At-Risk Exhibits (pdf, 7 pages) Abstract In June 2003, members of the TEAMS collaborative generated a list of attributes and characteristics […]

Traveling Exhibits At Museums of Science

2005 Project: Traveling Exhibits At Museums of Science (TEAMS) Authors: Becky Carroll, Dawn Huntwork and Mark St. John Type: Report Publication: April 2005 Traveling Exhibits At Museums of Science (TEAMS): A Summative Evaluation Report (pdf, 48 pages) Abstract The TEAMS Collaborative consists of a […]

The CSW: A Report on Their Progress

2000 Project: Community Science Workshops Authors: Mark St. John, Becky Carroll, Judy Hirabayashi, Dawn Huntwork, Katherine Ramage, Julie Shattuck Type: Report Publication: January 2000 The Community Science Workshops: A Report on Their Progress (pdf, 47 pages) Abstract Funded in 1994 by a National Science […]

Compass – High School Mathematics Curricular Decision-Making

2000 Project: COMPASS Authors: Mark St. John, Kasi Allen Fuller, Nina Houghton, Dawn Huntwork, Pamela Tambe Type: Report Publication: January 2000 High School Mathematics Curricular Decision-Making: A National Study Of How Schools And Districts Select And Implement New Curricula (pdf, 29 pages) Abstract The […]

Community Science Workshop Network Story

2014 The Community Science Workshop Network Story – Becoming a Networked Organization Publication: February 2014 Project: Community Science Workshop Authors: Becky Carroll, Michelle Phillips, Mark St. John, Dawn Robles Type: Report and Case Studies Note: This report is published in two PDFs: […]

Sharing the Universe Evaluation

2013 Sharing the Universe – Summative Evaluation Publication: Report – November 2012 Slide Presentation – July 2014 Project: Sharing the Universe Authors: Pam Castori, Mark St. John, Dawn Robles. With assistance from Judy Hirabayashi Type: Report and Slide Presentation Download full report (pdf, 186 pages) Download slide […]