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A Survey OF MSPnet Users

2011 Project: Math Science Partnerships Network (MSPnet) Authors: Mark St. John, Judy Hirabayashi Type: Report Publication: October 2011 A Survey OF MSPnet Users: Key Findings (pdf, 37 pages) Abstract Inverness Research conducted a survey of MSPnet users in Fall 2011 in order […]

Effective Educational Practices In Mathematics for Native American Learners

2007 Project: Promoting Reflective Inquiry in Mathematics Education (PRIME) Authors: Pam Tambe, Becky Carroll, Heather Mitchell, Laurie Lopez, Elizabeth Horsch, Mark St. John Type: Report Publication: September 2007 How Do You Get The Numbers To Dance? Effective Educational Practices In Mathematics for Native […]

Evaluating the MSP Program

2013 Evaluating the MSP Program: Looking at Return on Investment Publication: February 2013 Project: MSP Program Authors: Mark St. John Type: Slide Presentation Download Presentation (pdf, 61 pages) Abstract This is a slide presentation prepared for the MSP LNC Meeting in Februray 2013. Intended […]