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March 2017 NWP: A National Infrastructure that Helps Improve Student Writing


May/June 2016 ASTC ‘Dimensions’ Article: Public Works for Public Learning

October 2014 Public Works for Public Learning: The Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition Project

March 2016 The NWP: Developing the Teacher Leadership that Helps Local Teachers Improve Student Writing

Feb 2016 Sanford Science Education Center – 2 reports


March 2015 The NWP: Supporting Local Teachers with National Infrastructure

Feb 2015 SOFIA Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors Program – Cycle 1 Evaluation


October 2014 Public Works for Public Learning: The Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition Project

November 2014 Toward a Grand Vision: Early Implementation of California’s Local Control Funding Formula

July 2014 Akamai Workforce Initiative (AWI) – 3 briefs

November 2014 The Dynabook Project

July 2014 Understanding the NWP

February 2014 Community Science Workshop Network Story

January 2014 Algebra Project DR K-12 Cohorts-Demonstration Project

March 2014 Teachers As Science Champions

March 2014 The Power of the NWP as it Continues to Evolve


November 2013 Sharing the Universe

March 2013 PCK Summit For Professional, Community, and Field Development

February 2013 Evaluating the MSP Program


December 2012 What Teachers Think About Intensified Algebra I

September 2012 Voices of the AMSP

May 2012 Family Engineering for Families of Elementary-Aged Children

May 2012 Advanced Technological Education Television

April 2012 The Fabric of the Cosmos

April 2012 Strengthening Science Education in California Initiative (SSEC)

March 2012 The Power of the NWP as it Makes an Evolutionary Leap Forward —— An Evaluator’s Perspective

March 2012 Helping Students Learn Science Through Writing

March 2012 ET CURE Undergraduate Program


October 2011 A Survey OF MSPnet users: Key Findings

October 2011 Some Thoughts about Networks (for ASTC Conference)

September 2011 Co-Evolution of Research and Practice: Lessons Learned from the Learning Progression Modeling Project

November 2011 BaySci: A Partnership for Bay Area Science Education Supporting Districts and Teachers to Improve Science Education in Bay Area Schools

November 2011 CURE High School Program – Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology-Student Impacts Summative Evaluation Report

November 2011 The Enduring Quality and Value of the National Writing Project’s Teacher Development Institutes: Teachers’ Assessments Of NWP Contributions to Their Classroom Practice and Development as Leaders

November 2011 Poised for a Leap in Evolution: Understanding the Power of the NWP An Evaluator’s Perspective

July 2011 CommunITy Studios Final Evaluation Report

April 2011 Staged Evaluation: An Approach to More Cost-Efficient and Useful Evaluation of Large and Complex Initiatives

March 2011 Understanding the Effectiveness of the National Writing Project

January 2011 The STEM Stories Project: Challenging stereotypes and inspiring young girls through online explorations of the lives and work of women in STEM fields–Summative Evaluation Report

January 2011 National Center for Engineering and Technology Education – Review of Leadership Capacity


September 2010 National Center for Engineering and Technology Education – Review of NCETE’s Research Initiative

March 2010 Convergence of Science and Society: “Power of Small Nanotechnolgy” ICAN

June 2010 Listening to the River – Final Evaluation Report

June 2010 Maya Skies External Evaluation Report

June 2010 Communicating Ocean Sciences to Informal Audiences (COSIA) – Final Evaluation Report & Case Studies

June 2010 Evaluation of the New Teacher Alliance of Washington’s Center for Strengthening the Teaching Profession

May 2010 TexNET: Summative Evaluation Report on a Statewide Museum Network

April 2010 NWP: Understanding the National Writing Project (Slide presentation)

March 2010 NWP: The Federal Investment in the National Writing Project (Slide presentation and handout) (original produced April 2007)

January 2010 Supporting Native American Students along STEM Education Pathways: Findings from an Exploratory Study of South Dakota’s Educational Landscape


November 2009 (May 1995) The Exploratorium: A Regional Science Resource Center – A Study of Long-Term Regional Impacts, Executive Summary

November 2009 (September 2007) The MARS Toolkit: Lessons Learned from an Experiment to Develop Tools to Support Change Agents

October 2009 A Successful Approach to Improving High School Mathematics Education: COME ON (California’s Outstanding Math Educators’ Ongoing Network)

September 2009 The Exploratorium’s XTech Program: Engaging STEM Experiences for Middle-School Youth – Summative Evaluation Report

May 2009 Reflections on ACCLAIM (Slide presentation)

May 2009 United Animal Nation’s Humane Education Ambassador Readers (HEAR) Program

May 2009 The NISE Net Evaluation

May 2009 Keeping the Promise of the 21st Century: Bringing Classroom Teaching into the Digital Age

April 2009 Explaining The National Writing Project (Slide presentation)

April 2009 DragonflyTV: Investigating the Nanoworld – Summative Evaluation Report

March 2009 Reflections on the Success of NWP Teacher Leadership: A Dynamic Cycle of Teaching, Learning and Leading

March 2009 (July 2007) Congressional Briefing: Investing in the Improvement of Elementary Science Education

March 2009 Communicating Ocean Sciences to Informal Audiences (COSIA) – Interim Evaluation Report

February 2009 CSTP: Investing in the Improvement of Elementary Science

February 2009 A Decade of COMPASS: Improving High School Mathematics


December 2008 TEAMS III: Lessons Learned

December 2008 Playful Invention and Exploration (PIE) Institute Project

December 2008 Investing in the Improvement of Education: Lessons to be Learned from the National Writing Project

November 2008 A Bridge to Somewhere – Investing in the NWP (Slide presentation)

November 2008 A Reflective Assessment of the Center For Informal Learning And Schools (CILS)

October 2008 The Case for Long-Term Investment in Strengthening the Teaching Profession: The Contributions of CSTP at Age Five

July 2008 American Museum of Natural History’s Seminars (AMNH-SOS) on Science Evaluation portfolio – ARCHIVED LEGACY SITE

May 2008 Center for Advancement of Informal Science Education (CAISE)-Reverse Site Visit (Slide presentation)

April 2008 The American Museum of Natural History’s ITEST High School Science Research Program

April 2008 (October 2006) The Portland Urban Systemic Program (USP): Five Years of Building Systemic Support

April 2008 (October 2004) TEAMS: Criteria for Rich and At-Risk Exhibits (Slide presentation)

April 2008 Evaluator’s Perspective on the Importance of Federal Support of the NWP (Slide presentation)

March 2008 Results From 7 Annual Surveys Of Participants of NWP Summer Institutes

February 2008 Getting Better At Getting Better: The Role Of Networks (Slide presentation)

January 2008 The Appalachian Math Science Partnership

–REPORT The Appalachian Math Science Partnership
–CLOSE-UP PAPERS The Appalachia Math Science Partnership

January 2008 Ten Years of Youth Programs at the American Museum of Natural History


December 2007 CILS: The Center for Informal Learning and Schools’ Informal Learning Certificate (ILC) Program

November 2007 Building the Foundation for Raising Student Achievement

September 2007 Effective Educational Practices In Mathematics for Native American Learners

May 2007 Community Science Workshops portfolio – ARCHIVED LEGACY SITE

April 2007 Appalachia Rural Systemic Initiative portfolio – ARCHIVED LEGACY SITE

April 2007 Subject Test Preparation as a Purpose of Teacher Development Programs in Science

April 2007 Lessons Learned from the San Diego Urban Systemic Project

March 2007 American Museum of Natural History: Evaluation Of The Seminars On Science


December 2006 NWP: Results from Satisfaction Survey and Follow-up Survey

November 2006 The Gilbert Elementary Science Program: A Case Study – ARCHIVED LEGACY SITE

November 2006 NWP: Living in the Age of Accountability (Slide presentation)

September 2006 BSCS: The Landscape of High School Science Curriculum Decision Making

June 2006 BSCS National Academy for Curriculum Leadership (NACL)

June 2006 The Place and Role of the Exploratorium’s Teacher Institute

April 2006 An Evaluator’s Perspective on Federal Support of the NWP (Slide presentation)

March 2006 NWP – New Teacher Initiative: A Study Of Outcomes


December 2005 NWP: Results from a 2004 Satisfaction Survey and Follow-up Survey

November 2005 NWP as a National Infrastructure that Encourages Writing (Slide presentation)

October 2005 Teaming Up: Ten Years of the TEAMS Exhibition Collaborative

October 2005 Compass – A Study Of High Schools Mathematics Curricula

September 2005 Learning To Teach Science With Writing: Seattle’s K-5 Science Initiative

July 2005 The Appalachian Rural Systemic Initiative: Reflections on Ten Years of Work (Slide presentation)

April 2005 The Case for the National Writing Project (Slide presentation)

April 2005 Traveling Exhibits At Museums of Science: A Summative Evaluation Report


December 2004 NWP: Survey Results at 2003 Invitational Institutes

November 2004 The Legacies Of The NWP – Working For Ongoing Improvement (Slide presentation)

July 2004 Bringing National Board Standards to the Certification of Teachers

June 2004 Administrators’ Perspectives on NBCT and Leadership of Teachers

February 2004 Mathematics Curricular Decision-Making: The National Landscape


December 2003 NWP: Client Satisfaction and Program Impact – Results from a 2002 Satisfaction Survey and Follow-up Survey

October 2003 Design of Museum-Based Educator Professional Development (Slide presentation)

September 2003 Role of Evaluation in NSEE Projects (Slide presentation)

September 2003 Thinking about ARSI and the AMSP – Lessons from the Rural Systemic Initiatives (Slide presentation)

September 2003 The Washington Initiative-Evaluation Year 2 (2002-03)

August 2003 Writing For Science, Science For Writing – Seattle Elementary Science Expository Writing

July 2003 Video Cases – Opening Windows Onto Classrooms

June 2003 California Writing Project: A Study Of Benefits To Teachers And Students

May 2003 The Legacies of the LSCs – A Panel Discussion

April 2003 The National Writing Project: Five Key Evaluation Findings (Slide presentation)

March 2003 K-12 Mathematics Curriculum Center at EDC: Cornerstone Claims