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March 2017 NWP: A National Infrastructure that Helps Improve Student Writing

May/June 2016 ASTC ‘Dimensions’ Article: Public Works for Public Learning

October 2014 Public Works for Public Learning: The Golden Gate Bridge Outdoor Exhibition Project

March 2016 The NWP: Developing the Teacher Leadership that Helps Local Teachers Improve Student Writing

Feb 2016 Sanford Science Education Center – 2 reports

October 2015 Partners in Innovation: Integrating ELD and Science – The Exploratorium and Sonoma Valley Unified School District

March 2015 The NWP: Supporting Local Teachers with National Infrastructure

February 2015 Sofia Airborne Astronomy Ambassadors Program

November 2014 Toward a Grand Vision: Early Implementation of California’s Local Control Funding Formula

July 2014 Akamai Workforce Initiative (AWI) – 3 briefs

March 2014 The Dynabook Project

July 2014 Understanding the NWP

February 2014 Community Science Workshop Network Story

January 2014 Algebra Project DR K-12 Cohorts-Demonstration Project

March 2014 Teachers As Science Champions

March 2014 The Power of the NWP as it Continues to Evolve

November 2012 Sharing the Universe

March 2013 PCK Summit For Professional, Community, and Field Development

February 2013 Evaluating the MSP Program

December 2012 What Teachers Think About Intensified Algebra I

September 2012 Voices of the AMSP

May 2012 Family Engineering for Families of Elementary-Aged Children

May 2012 Advanced Technological Education Television

April 2012 The Fabric of the Cosmos

April 2012 Strengthening Science Education in California Initiative (SSEC)

March 2012 The Power of the NWP as it Makes an Evolutionary Leap Forward —— An Evaluator’s Perspective

March 2012 Helping Students Learn Science Through Writing

March 2012 ET CURE Undergraduate Program