Who We Are
Inverness-Tomales Bay

M. St. John bioDr. Mark St. John, founder and president of Inverness Research Inc., has a broad background in science and mathematics education at all levels. For over 25 years he has been involved in the evaluation and study of public and private initiatives aimed at improving science and mathematics education. He also advises philanthropies about investments in educational improvement. See CV here. Or see bio here.


B. Carroll bioBecky Carroll has worked for Inverness Research since 1990. Her work has involved studies of K-12 mathematics and science education, as well as studies of exhibition and program development in the informal science education field. In the informal field, her areas of interest include studies of collaboratives and networks, programs for youth, exhibition development projects, making and tinkering programs, and professional development for informal science educators. In the formal field, areas of interest include rural education improvement efforts and teacher professional development. Becky has a B. S. in English and Secondary Education from the University of Wyoming, and prior to coming to Inverness Research, she was a middle and high school teacher. See CV here


P. Castori bioDr. Pam Castori has worked for Inverness Research for ten years, studying investments in a wide range of formal and informal science education projects that bring cutting edge science (e.g., nanotechnology, gravitational waves, stem cell research) to public understanding. Pam’s dissertation investigated the teaching-related work of a physicist who collaborated with K-12 teachers. This rich learning exchange between disciplinary academics and public educators is still her passion. Pam earned a Ph.D. in education, M.A. in curriculum and instruction, B.A. in zoology, and a CA teaching credential in life sciences and chemistry at UC Davis. She taught sciences in K-12 for ten years, then for 19 years worked at UC Davis as a Science Education Specialist, where she directed the Sacramento Area Science Project, coordinated the Teacher Research Program, served as graduate advisor for the MA Teaching Credential program, and as program evaluator for the Center for Biophotonics Science and Technology. See CV here.


J. Helms bioDr. Jenifer V. Helms specializes in studying improvements in science, mathematics, engineering, and technology-related formal and informal education programs. She is particularly interested in projects involving engineering and technology education, cross-sector institutional partnerships, and leadership development.  Prior to joining Inverness Research, she was director of education at two nationally recognized informal learning institutions.  Jen was also assistant professor of science education at the University of Colorado in Boulder and taught high school science in California. She has a PhD in Curriculum and Instruction from Stanford University. See CV here


N. Houghton bioNina Houghton has been a researcher with Inverness Research since 1995. She draws on her classroom experience as an elementary school teacher to study a range of instructional improvement initiatives in mathematics, science, and writing. She holds a B.A. in Sociology from Stanford University and a M.A. in Elementary Education from Lesley University.

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L. Lopez bioLaurie Lopez has been a researcher with Inverness Research for over a decade. Her focus changed early in her career from journalism (B.A. from University of Oregon) to education (B.S. in education from Portland State University). She is a former elementary and middle school teacher who teaches part-time to maintain perspective on the realities of the public school classroom. Laurie has studied a wide range of instructional improvement efforts in science and mathematics, as well as facilitated the use of networks as a research tool.


H. Mitchell bioHeather Mitchell began working with Inverness Research in 1998. She draws on her experience as a scientist and an informal elementary science educator to study teaching and learning in science, mathematics, engineering and technology initiatives. She particularly enjoys studying the work of innovative teachers, rural communities and diverse populations. Prior to joining Inverness Research full time Heather was the Director of the Family Science program at the University of Washington and the Institute for Systems Biology in Seattle. She has a B.S. in Biology and an M.S. in Genetics and has worked in the fields of molecular biotechnology and wetland ecology.


A. Murray bioAllison Murray has been with Inverness Research since 1998. She has provided data research, analysis, and visual presentation for a wide range of projects. Prior to joining Inverness, she worked in information technology at Chevron and AT&T. In addition to her work for Inverness, she also teaches academic English at the American Language Institute at San Francisco State University, where she has been a mentor teacher, and has taught Reading/Writing, Oral Communication Skills, Grammar, Pronunciation, American Culture, and Literature. She has a M.A. in TESOL from San Francisco State University.


thmbn-MPDr. Michelle L. Phillips started working with Inverness Research in 2006. She specializes in STEM education efforts that bring together diverse partners on both small (local) and large (cross-country) scales, and strategic planning to sustain and expand innovative work. She is particularly drawn to projects that bridge the informal and formal education domains, strive to reach under-served populations, and have environmental importance. Prior to becoming a Senior Researcher with Inverness, she worked as a marine mammalogist, a middle school mathematics and science teacher, Senior Researcher for the Center for Informal Learning and Schools (CILS) at the Exploratorium, and a Social Science Researcher at SRI International. Michelle also taught Science Curriculum and Instruction at Stanford University, where she earned her PhD in Curriculum and Teacher Education in 2002. See CV here


K. Ramage bioDr. Katherine Ramage has been a researcher with Inverness Research for over 20 years. She is interested in research and evaluation of innovative science, mathematics and literacy programs aimed at improving teaching and learning for students who are culturally and linguistically diverse, underserved, and/or low performing. Before joining Inverness Research, Dr. Ramage was a research consultant with SRI International. She taught elementary school in Mexico, was a tenured community college instructor and taught in the Department of Secondary Education at San Francisco State University. More recently, as a Fulbright Scholar she conducted research on language attitudes in Guatemala and established a foreign language program at the Universidad Rafael Landívar. She holds a B.A. in French, and M.A. and Ph.D. from Stanford University School of Education. Dr. Ramage speaks Spanish fluently.


M. Regan bioMary Regan joined Inverness Research in 1999 as a website developer and technical consultant. While Mary came to Inverness Research after 9 years in the software industry as a technical writer, she began her career as a high school teacher, and education has remained a key interest for her. She handles web development projects for Inverness Research. She also helps out on projects, particularly when there are technical endeavors that need streamlining. Mary holds a master’s degree and has continued to work in the field of Technical Communication for the past 20 years.


D. Robles bioDawn Robles (formerly Huntwork) has worked for Inverness Research since 1994. Her area of focus has been on science education programs provided in out-of-school environments. She has collaborated on and designed projects ranging from formative and summative evaluations of science museum exhibits, to studies of community-based-organization science programs, and studies of the use of video and on-line courses in teacher development. She has worked as a writer and copy editor, and on general publication management. Ms. Robles also has experience as a science educator, with an emphasis on natural history and nature appreciation. She has a Bachelor’s degree in International Environmental Studies. See resume here.


L. Senauke bioLaurie Senauke has worked in the database group of Inverness Research since 1994, working on database design, data analysis, and web-based data collection forms. She specializes in advanced uses of MS Access and Excel. Laurie has been involved with a wide range of projects, including the National Writing Project, BSCS, and the American Museum of Natural History. She attended Portland State University and The Evergreen State College and is currently completing courses at Berkeley City College for transfer to 4-year university. See resume here.


L. Stokes bioDr. Laura Stokes has worked with Inverness Research since 1993, directing studies of a variety of state, federal, and foundation-funded projects. She is especially interested in teacher development and leadership, and the contributions of teacher leadership to the strengthening of the education profession and educational policy. Before joining Inverness Research, she was director of the UC Davis site of the National Writing Project, director of the Composition Program at UC Davis, and Assistant Director of the California Subject Matter Projects at the University of California Office of the President. She has a B.A. and M.A. in English from the University of California, Davis, and a Ph.D. in educational policy from Stanford University. See CV here.


P. Tambe bioPam Tambe has worked on several studies of mathematics and science education improvement efforts since joining Inverness Research in 1992. She specializes in evaluating mathematics teacher leadership, professional development, curriculum, and assessment projects. Current projects include the Intensified Algebra Discovery Research K12, the Mathematics Assessment Project, the Math Design Collaborative, Improving Formative Assessment to Support Teaching in Algebra DRK12, the BaySci Partnership for Bay Area Science Education, and the Allen Distinguished Educator Network.